At The Common Thread we foster an inclusive space where artisans, entrepreneurs, and curious students can let their creativity flourish. We are a community of makers and ground- breakers, reintroducing traditional craftsmanship and the value of handmade goods.


In 2016, the Common Thread began as idea shared by three artisans, two of whom were already sharing a sewing workspace at home, and offering sewing workshops to their community in that studio. We envisioned an affordable workspace for the entire creative community, both for professional makers as well for the many people want to learn to sew, but do not have access to space or mentorship, which we found lacking in Montreal. Recognizing that in order to encourage growth, we would need a bigger workspace, and began the Common Thread in its current location on Rue Fullum. We modelled our new studio on the principles of inclusivity, reciprocity and community, and built our space by hand from the bottom up, and have been growing every since. In 2017, with the help of our partner RESEAU Coop, the Common Thread registered as a cooperative enterprise, and now counts 5 artisan members. Last year, we expanded the classes we offer to include bra-making and custom leather sandals, and have many new classes planned for 2018.

What is a coop?

A co-op is a business owned by its members. Cooperative structure allows each member to have equal stakes in how the enterprise operates and functions. Decisions, responsibilities and achievements are shared by everyone.

In our experience, a cooperative relies on teamwork, trust and a willingness to learn from one another.

For more information about cooperatives, visit our partner of cooperatives in Quebec, Reseau Coop.